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About Being a Volunteer

Giving Back and Getting Involved

The time and talent contributions of thousands of volunteers annually benefit Senior Services and the tens of thousands of community members assisted. In 2011, 3,344 volunteers contributed 266,650 hours within Senior Services, a value to the community of more than $5.7 million. Volunteers are vital members of our team. We are working to become a model of community engagement by deliberately channeling the energies of our human resources, both paid and unpaid, toward addressing important community needs. A commitment to community engagement is reflected in our vision statement and evidenced across the organization. We invite you to get involved! From meal delivery to marketing assistance to Medicare counseling, there are many options to explore.

To get started, please complete the brief online Volunteer General Application. We will contact you within 3 business days.

A Story by Volunteer Transportation Driver Joyce Foy:

Volunteer driving for Senior Services has been quite an experience, and one ride in particular will stay with me forever. I picked up Eloise in Kirkland and drove her to her scheduled doctor's appointment. On the way home, she asked if we could stop at a new French bakery in town. I hadn’t had the best day so far, my to-do list was a mile long, and my first thought was that I simply didn't have the time. But then I decided that the bakery was only a couple miles south of the way – how long could it take?
When we arrived at the bakery, I parked the car and helped Eloise into the store with her walker.  Instead of getting something to go, as I had assumed she would, she ordered a French pastry and coffee and offered to buy me whatever I wanted.
Uh oh, this wasn’t going to be a real quick stop. I began to mentally reschedule my plans for the day.
The bakery was packed and all the seats were taken. Even though Eloise was using a walker, no one volunteered a seat. Wondering how she could eat balancing French pastry, coffee and a walker, we decided to go outside where there were some chairs set up on the sidewalk. We scooted our chairs up to a retaining wall, which became our makeshift table.
Eloise was amazing. She was so appreciative of everything. It was a sunny, but cold day. Eloise saw the sunshine.  She remarked at how exciting it was to see the birds close by eating the crumbs that others had left and the flowers that were so pretty, the delicious pastry, and the great coffee. She never mentioned the goose bumps we were both experiencing from the chilly temperature or the fact that no one offered her a seat inside.
We sat, talked, and enjoyed each other’s company.  My to-do list wouldn’t get done, but it didn’t seem to matter much now. Eloise was so happy just to be out and doing something new. I was really enjoying getting to know her, and feeling quite blessed to be in the company of someone so positive.
At last, it was time to go. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said: “I can’t thank you enough.  This meant the world to me. Tomorrow is my 92nd birthday and this is my birthday celebration.”


Congrats to Marjorie Brown!

Marjorie Brown

Marjorie Brown, member and volunteer at Southeast Seattle Senior Center in Seattle, Washington, attended the 8-week program A Matter of Balance in the spring of 2009. Having gained tremendous benefits, she decided to become a volunteer workshop leader herself. Since that time, she has co-led many sessions of A Matter of Balance. Here is Marjorie’s story (download the PDF). 

Volunteer Opportunities

Call us at 206-268-6762 to discuss programs you are interested in helping with or specific skills you may be able to offer. Or you can view a detailed list of currently open volunteer positions posted on United Way's Volunteer Solutions. Senior Services seeks volunteers for programs, administration and special projects. Here are just a few examples of ways that Senior Services engages volunteers: Call us at 206-268-6762 to discuss volunteer opportunities or specific skills you have to offer. Or you can view a detailed list of currently available volunteer positions posted on United Way's Volunteer Solutions.

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